Marisa’s Dream

2c650e056d71fcf014fb9fb0991a1b4fIn June, The Dream Factory of the Jersey Shore held a “send-off” party for another Dream recipient.  Marisa Greco, 17 years old, suffers from a disease called Polycystic Kidney Disease.  Her attacks are sporadic, causing her to spend a week in the hospital 5 or 6 times a year. Marisa is a familiar face at Steinert High of Hamilton, NJ, frequently helping out at boys basketball games with team stats and notes. She is also very active in her church youth group. Marissa spends a lot of time giving back. She started an organization called Marisa’s Mission. The organization is committed to help raise awareness to PKD (Polycyctic Kidney Disease) and help support families that have children with this disease as well as any chronic illness or disease.

DSC_8480Marisa’s twin sister, Mariah, was going to Australia to compete in track and field events with Team USA representing NJ and East Conference.  Marisa’s dream was to be able to accompany her sister and watch her compete. They are each others biggest fans!  The Dream Factory of the Jersey Shore has made that dream come true for her by sending her to Australia through Down Under Sports.  At the send-off party, Marisa was presented with a check to cover the cost of her travel, along with luggage and travel accessories.


The family spent a week in Australia, followed by several days in Hawaii in July. They had a great time. Marisa’s sister, Mariah, did very well and came home with a bronze medal in discus. When Mariah wasn’t competing, they spent time touring Australia and went to a zoo where they got to interact with kangaroos and hold a koala bear; snorkeling at The Great Barrier Reef and seeing many of the sights in Australia.   On their way home, they had a stop over in Hawaii where they were able to go parasailing, attend a luau and visit Pearl Harbor.

Marisa got to meet many people and was even able to encourage one of her sister’s teammates whose aunt  is very sick with Sickle Cell Anemia.  Now it’s on to college for the sisters in the fall.


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